Brue identifies as a leather dog. For the past 29 years he has been behind the scenes promoting various aspects of the kink lifestyle across the country. Currently he works at Mr. S Leather where he happily supports people in their exploration of kink, fetish and gear.

Over the past seven years in the San Francisco area he has been involved with GearUp Weekend, the annual retreat where the next generation of kinky/kink-curious guys and leathermen can socialize with, learn from, and play with other men of all ages in a safe and friendly environment as well as volunteering at the regular play parties.

Was a producer for two years of the past Mr. S Leather Fist City monthly parties (until the venue closed down).

Was a board member for nine years of the social-based San Francisco K9 Unit where he produced the quarterly Puppy Parks (pup and Handler play parties), annual holiday SF Puppy Parks and two years of Woof Camp Weekend as well as occasional presentations on pup play.

For eight years produced Woof Camp, the annual pup and Handler party held at International Mr. Leather in Chicago, IL.

In 2012 he was honored with the Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award (Man) for his work with the kink and pup community. 

In 2012 received the International Puppy & CLAW Good Puppy Award and International Puppy Good Puppy of the Year Award. He was on the planning committee for the CLAW 2012 puppy Olympixxx.

Jesbian Bagheera is leather femme dandy. She switches as a cigar aficionado and can be seen getting down and dirty at the SF Eagle bootblack stand. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass she is volunteering with The San Francisco Little Scouts, The San Francisco girls of Leather, and The Exiles. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. Before coming to the Ms California Contest, she previously held the title of International Little Miss Little 2014. While continuing to advocate for Leather Littles everywhere, she wants you to know that just because she’s little, it doesn’t mean you can talk to her like a child. 

A kink player since the age of twenty, Jorge Vieto is an active member of San Francisco’s leather community. Jorge is former fraternal member of The 15 Association and holds the title of San Francisco Leather Daddy’s boy XXII.

He has been a guest speaker, panelist and demonstrator with groups such as Leatherman’s Discussion Group, Leather Alley, Aguilas and Magnet/Strut to name a few.

Additionally, Jorge has written articles for Instigator Magazine, NALA News, Bear Party Magazine and He has appeared in documentaries such as “BDSM it’s not what you think”, “Yo, soy lo que soy”, “RITUAL& and &Unsung Heroes, The Leather Community’s response to AIDS&

He currently works doing HIV and Hep C Linkage to care and treatment with the Glide Foundation.

He is passionate about Harm Reduction, Needle exchange and Overdose prevention. His work extends beyond HIV and AIDS, Social justice and advocacy for the folks who are disenfranchised and marginally housed in shelters, encampments and the jail system.

On a personal level Jorge is also passionate about rope bondage and sharing skills he has learned along the way years from more experienced players.

Douglas is an out and proud Alpha-slave-Bootblack-little. When Douglas isn't on his knees at the SF Eagle or Mr. S servicing the community at large, he helps create a comfortable learning environment for kinksters 18 to 40 as Programs Chair of The SF Young Leathermen's Discussion Group. 

Douglas was the first runner at IMBB 2016 up and the recipient of the 2016 SF Leather Alliance "Next Generation" award. 

Douglas has a vast leather family with many facets that he loves dearly. They challenge each other daily to be the best versions of themselves they can be, both in and out of leather. 

Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. The first time she shined a pair of shoes, it was under her father’s watchful eye as a child before church. However, these days her skills are being put to more ... salacious uses. Upon joining the leather community and discovering that taking care of leather was a 'thing,' she soon began exploring the eroticism surrounding leather care. She began to hone her craft starting with caring for the leathers of her close friends and lovers in 2013. She then decided to undertake more formal skills training in early 2015. Once she was working on her own, she began to develop an identity as a spiritual bootblack. She views herself as a healer. Mixing sage oil in with some of her products she seeks to purify both the leather and it’s owner during their time in her stand.

She enjoys serving her community as both a skilled bootblack, organizer, and volunteer. She’s worked at major events including International Ms Leather, Southwest Leather Conference, Leather HEAT, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair. She’s also worked as a coordinator for bootblacks at ‘The Playground’ at Folsom Street Fair, Dark Odyssey: Surrender and both Mr San Francisco Leather and Ms San Francisco Leather. She is Southern California Bootblack 2016 and Southwest Bootblack 2017.

On Wednesdays she wears Wescos.

Missy has been bootblacking, grooming and mentoring, local Leather titleholders in San Francisco for well over 12 years. Most recently, Missy has been busy co-hosting the Queer Leather Happy Hour at the Eagle and continues to foster community in kink. She was an original member of the SF Bootblack Studio, later known as the NorCal Bootblacks. In 2007, she was the first woman of color to win the International Ms. Bootblack title.In 2011 she was responsible for gathering fellow Nor Cal Bootblacks and held a weekend Bootblack intensive called Back to Black. She was the first woman to bootblack at Leather bars such as the Powerhouse, Chaps II/Kok Bar and the Eagle (old and new) in San Francisco. Her determination to break down barriers and promote her art in bars and events has paved the way for other female identified Bootblacks. Her bootblacking talents have led her to become the Resident Bootblack at both the Powerhouse and Chaps II/Kok bars for many years. She has demonstrated the “art of the shine” at Dore Alley, Folsom and Pride for over a decade. She enjoyed a long tenure as the Bootblack to the former SF Stompers Boots store, servicing and restoring hundreds of boots as well as shining at many of their events. To her, Bootblacking is religion. It is a deep and soul satisfying process which is an expression of love and joyful devotion to a community, that requires dedication. Her journey has taken her from trying to shine and perfect every boot to finding beauty in imperfection. The process is simple, slow, and uncluttered and it reveres the authenticity of the boot above all. It’s about honoring the intrinsic beauty and function of that boot, appreciating all of its imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness. Simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, sensuality and appreciation. She continues to preserve the tradition by supporting the next generation of bootblacks and by spreading the gospel of boots. She is spiritual in her Leather journey and she shines in her artful Leather care.MS. V