Graylin K. Thornton, International Mr. Drummer 1993, is the only Man of Color to ever hold that title. One of the Founding Members of Onyx Northwest, Graylin is Vice President and Event Coordinator raising funds for charities including SF Suicide Prevention, AIDS Memorial Grove and Stop Hate Project with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Locally, Graylin is active with the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District and served on the name selection committee for the Ringold Alley Leather History Walk. While a board member of Leathermen’s Discussion Group (LDG) he produced the annual Fetish Fair Weekend as well as the LDG Tom of Finland art show and auction. Graylin Thornton has remained active over three decades and is one of the original members of the South Bay Leather and Uniform Group (SLUG) formed in 1987and produced the first South Bay Leather Weekend and the first Ebony Leather Contest held in San Francisco. He has been honored to judge, MC, teach and participate at most leather events including IML, IMsL, Drummer, ILSb, Master/slave, ABW, Deaf Leather and MLT. Graylin is the former chair of San Diego Leather Pride and produced Southern California Mr. Drummer, Leather Sir/boy and Mr. San Diego Leather. An original Founding National Board member of the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC), Graylin was the recipient of the 2009 National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leather Leadership Award as well as Pantheon of Leather Award. This past year, Graylin Thornton was featured in “Unsung Heroes: The Leather Community’s Response to AIDS” for the HIV Story Project series JOINING FORCES, SURVIVING VOICES
Unicorn boy, or U.b., is a bootblack - bootslut - leather boy - with a penchant for all things service. Ub can be found volunteering for virtually any event they show up to, bootblacking on the back patio of the SF Eagle, or caught in some compromising position in a dirty back alley of SOMA. His drive to grope as much leather as possible within his lifetime has led to his primary service to our community being bootblacking. Whether it be projects at home, at a stand in a bar, alongside a rockstar lineup of bootblacks at Folsom, birthing a bevy of baby bootblacks from his leathery loins, or licking his Sir’s boots clean after having come on them.... boots are Ub’s passion, and the most joyous way they know to love on the community that he finds a home in. 
Ms. Cat is a fierce Femme Top and a Leather Mommy that loves to teach and throw play parties while in this SF community for over 15 years now. She is the Founder of the Piercing Guild, the CoCordinator of The Exiles, the VP of Leather Alliance Director, and former producer of the Ms. SF Leather Contest. In 2017 she was awarded "Woman of the Year" by the Leather Alliance. Ms. Cat specializes in teaching Play Piercing and The Pet Play Pysche. She enjoys training and building symbiotic M/s and D/s practices by growing rich, fulfilling relationships with mentorship qualities and traditional values. Ms. Cat is honored to be served by her slave femme and guard puppy.
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