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Banner Design Contest


  • * Our banner will measure 11’ wide by 4’ high. 
  • * The upper right corner is used for our Contingent Number during the parade so you’ll want to avoid placing key design elements in that space as it will be covered by a piece of paper measuring 11” wide by 8.5” high. 
  • * Your design should represent our Leather Culture, how you interpret that is up to you.
  • - You must include the words “Leather Contingent San Francisco” in the design


  • - Although we live in a very politically charged time your design should exclude political statements. 
  • - This is a celebration and your design should reflect that by not using foul language or negative statements


  • - Designs can be submitted to us starting now and are due no later than Wednesday, April 8th.
  • - On April 11th all designs will be presented at our Contingent Meeting (2PM at SF Eagle, 398 12th Street). Each Contingent Member present will get one voting ticket to place in a ballot box and the top 3 designs will advance.
  • - In our May meeting (May 9th) the three finalist designs will be presented and a final vote will take place via a ballot. The most votes will win and be announced at our Beer Bust immediately following our meeting. 


  • - Potential prizes TBD and announced at a later date. 

San Francisco Leather Pride Contingent is rebranding to be Leather Contingent San Francisco. With the name change we need a new lead banner for the parade and we are turning to our community for help in the design!