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Angel Garfold first found the community in Los Angeles in 1995 before relocating to Northern California. As President for the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance and San Francisco girls of Leather, you can often find her at events organized by various groups in SF or the East Bay. Proud to be selected as Woman of the Year 2014 and 2017 by the Leather Alliance community, as well as the President’s Frank Benoit award in 2016, she serves as the Organizational Director (SFgoL) for the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, co-producer of the Mr. SF Leather 2018 contest, co-chair for the Leather Alliance Weekend, on staff for NWLC, and the Judges’ coordinator for Ms SF Leather. Her current passion is participation in the SF Catalyst community space as well as the Leather Cultural District. 

Angel is honored to be the 2013 Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) titleholder. The title’s purpose is to document, primarily through interviews, the women’s community and our histories. She has enjoyed her travels to numerous events, meeting many woman, and having a chance to add to the work already started with the Women’s Leather History Project (now Program) through more than 50 interviews. She was thrilled to be able to travel to South Africa in 2014 to document the first Ms. South Africa leather contest. 
Ms. V, International Ms. Bootblack 2007 was the first woman of color to win that title. She has been a Bootblack for well over 12 years. She is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. An active member of the San Francisco Leather Community, she has done extensive fundraising and has been groomed and mentored, Leather titleholders both locally and nationally. She is a graduate of the Journeyman 3 Academy, a member of the Exiles, a member of Mama's Family, a former member of the Leather Forum and she currently serves on the board for the IMSL Foundation. She was an original member of the SF Bootblack Studio, later known as the NorCal Bootblacks. 

She was responsible for bringing back the International Sir/boy, California Community Bootblack Title back to Northern California. As the first woman to bootblack in Leather bars in San Francisco, she was determined to seek more opportunities for both female identified Bootblacks and for Bootblacks of color. By breaking down barriers, Ms.V has paved the way for many other Bootblacks.
She continues to preserve the tradition of "honoring stories" by supporting the next generation of bootblacks and by spreading the gospel of boots. She is spiritual in her Leather journey and she shines in her artful Leather care.

The Goddess Athena has been active in the BDSM community since 1995. She is a performance artist, model, masseuse, Pony Mistress, Professional Dominatrix, and Lifestyle Mistress. She serves as an example that you can make your fantasies into reality. The Goddess Athena is well known for dispensing advice and information on such boards such as Redbook and Nightshift where she also ran the BDSM forum. She is a published writer as well as a published model and has starred in several BDSM films. She has participated in the SF Pride Parade since 2012 and has had the great honor of transporting the Leather Marshal in style in her cart for six years running now. She has been featured in the pages of Spectator magazine, Black and Blue as well as in The Metro, SFGate and the SF Chronicle. This year's parade holds a special place in her heart since it was on the exact parade day of June 24th of 2012 that she fell hopelessly in love with sparkypony. She has a complete profile active on Fetlife.com as GoddessAthena where she has shared over six hundred photos. Her website can be found at www.sfsirens.com which went up in 1997 and she also has an instagram account as nsgoddessathena. Vote for Goddess Athena because you CAN sit on your cake and have someone lick it off your ass TOO! ​
I have been part of the Leather Community for 42 years and a long term survivor of HIV for 34 year My own personal commitment to the community has included being co-founder and past president of San Francisco Cable Car chapter of the Knights of Malta, Co-Producer of the 1992 Northern California Drummer and Drummer boy Contest, Co-Coordinator of the Leather Contingent from 1999 to 2001.  Additionally I have run for San Francisco Leather Daddy and actively support the current and past Leather Daddies and Boys. Following a long standing Leatherman tradition I have been active with the San Francisco Imperial Council and hold title of Imperial Prince to the Sparkling Sapphire Peacock Empress of Politeness, Misty Blue.  Along with other various organizations that I have donated time and money over the years including countless beer busts, various and numerous fund raiser’s and a some blood and tears and a lot of sweat and hard labor and many laughs and good times.
Richard Sprott entered the San Francisco leather scene in 1990, and after a few years joined the Defenders/SF. That led to involvement in the SF Leathermen’s Discussion Group, serving on the Board between 1999 until 2006; serving on the organizing committee of the SF Leather/Levi Weekend since its inception in 2001 until 2006; and being chosen as SF Leather Daddy XXIII in 2005. In 2009, he was chosen as Mr. Alameda County Leather 2009, a title produced by the Alameda County Leather Corps. He served as one of the co-chairs for the local organizing committee for the national Leather Leadership Conference in 2008, which had 340 people attending. He is also serving currently as the Executive Director of CARAS (the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities), a nonprofit corporation designed to promote scientific and scholarly research on BDSM sexuality, polyamory and other forms of negotiated non-monogamy. Richard has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from UC Berkeley. He has a wonderful leather family supporting him: his husband Dave, his pup Spunky, his dog Chomper, his slave eric, his slave lyle and his slave jason.
Rich Stadtmiller is the force behind RichTrove.com. This collection is arguably the SF Bay Area's most extensive on-line GLBT event image archive and likely the world's largest collective family album.

Rich has been the official photographer for Leather Levi weekend, SF Leather Pride Contingent, Mr SF Leather, Ms SF Leather, International Ms Leather, International LeatherSir/boy , International Bear Rendezvous and Bare Chest Calendar events.

In addition to the RichTrove Archive, Rich's credited images have appeared in A Bear's Life Magazine, The Leather Journal, SF Bay Times, Gloss Magazine, Bay Area Reporter and BARTAB magazine. 

Rich organized and financially backed the Hayward Pride Street Festival in 2005 and 2006, and was an early supporter of Leather Levi Weekend.

Rich has been a presenter on leather spirituality at Leather Leadership Conference 12 and other venues.

Rich is an honorary member of the Alameda County Leather Corps and a Prince of the Realm in the SF Imperial Court.

Rich, has lived in the Bay area since 1994 with Patrick, his lover of 27 years.

Rich's Alter ego, Rich T. (not his real initial) is the founder of VoluNon.org - the ostensibly mythical organization supporting compulsive volunteers.

And sorry, boys, as of today he is legally married ;-)

Blink is a switch in the BDSM community. They are a heavy sadist and soft, service oriented submissive. They are a Handler and a Chihuahua. They love to clean and have been helping the community with that skill. They have cleaned Catalyst in the past and are currently assisting Wicked Grounds. Last year, they volunteered from start to finish at Leather Alley. They talk to people about mental illness in the community and fight for non-binary rights. They also educate people on asexuality in and out of the community. They have no preference on pronouns, but prefer to be called Sir when topping someone.
Azalea is a queer, poly, kinky, gender-fluid, top-heavy switch who loves coffee and spends way too much time on the internet. She often transforms into a purple pony, a papillon puppy, and a gryphon. She has presented classes on petplay at IMsL, Pantheacon, SF Citadel, WickedGrounds, and Kink Unlimited. She hosts the Human Animal Night munch and is a certified sex educator through San Francisco Sex Information. On her YouTube channel (Azalea Pony) she likes to talk about petplay, her adventures with ADHD, and wearing zentai suits. If you see her around, say hi!